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From left: Inez Madden, her husband Ferdinand Leslie Madden; Hazel Madden wife of Leslie Ferdinand Madden (right).

Madden’s Funeral Home is here to help families and friends honor their loved ones. Dont worry, we’ll handle everything in your time of grief!

Our History

When Leslie Ferdinand Madden built his first coffin under a huge guinep tree on North Street in Kingston, little did he know that the name Madden’s would stand out as a beacon and as the leader in professional final care services. That large guinep tree has long since been replaced by a modern office building and chapel, which houses the Madden’s Empire. The stately horse drawn hearses which were the order of the day in the 1930s, are now substituted with impressive new Cadillac hearses, SUVs and stylish carriages to be on par with the changing and discerning tastes of clients.

Leslie Madden was known as the master of the profession in the 1930s when herbs, spices and coolers were used to preserve and prepare bodies for burial. This earned him the respect of the community as the finest in the business of final care services. Added to that, he made sure that no matter the financial status of the deceased, they were accorded a dignified burial, even if he was paid in instalments.
Ferdinand Leslie joined the business after graduating from St. Georges College and American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service (now renamed) in New York. Ferdinand Leslie willingly walked in his father’s footsteps by operating in the same compassionate way that his father did, with humility, unquestionable integrity and caring for the community in which the business operates.
Ruel Leslie also joined the business after graduating from the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service (now renamed). Shortly after returning, Ruel was sent to open and operate a branch in Montego Bay, the island’s second city. Ruel kept on with his father’s tradition of integrity and served his client families with the utmost care. 
Today, the legacy lives on. The fourth generation of the Madden clan continues to operate the business in the same vein. Leslie Ruel Madden Jr. is the newly appointed CEO and is also acting Director of the branches in Lucea and Montego Bay. His daughter Aneika Madden, fifth generation, has also recently achieved her degree in funeral services and returned home to add to the family business.

The other family members involved in the business include:

Fabian Madden – Manager of Coffin Supplies Limited – The Casket production company, situated at Norman Road.

Christine Madden Williams – assists with the Constant Spring Branch and Cremation operations.

Paul Madden is the Operations Manager at the Head Office North Street.

Isiaa Madden – Manages the Dovecot operations in Montego Bay.

Despite the challenges which face the business environment in Jamaica, and in particular the funeral business, the company continues to build on its reputation as one of the first, and still the leader in final care services.